Wall Mural Garden

A garden for the home

Bring nature into your home with excellent quality wall murals. With a natural photo wallpaper with a print of trees and plants you can easily and quickly brighten up a boring wall.

The wallpaper helps to create a pleasant atmosphere in otherwise crowded rooms and gives a surprisingly open feeling to small and dark rooms. For every nature lover and gardener, our photo wallpaper with different images, printed in high resolution on strong material, offers a window to a kinder world. The life-size photos create the illusion that nature is actually within reach, in whatever environment.

Wall mural garden for every room

Did you know that people feel better and are more productive if a room overlooks green nature? The high-quality photo wallpaper with a park from yourdecoration.com offers a solution by giving even a gray office color and life.

As a result, employees are not only more satisfied, but also work harder! For the living room at home, the wallpaper is ideal to get through the depressing winter months with its spring feeling. The wallpaper with a garden print also brings a well-deserved rest after a hectic day in the bedroom.

Photo wallpaper with various garden prints

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. So is our photo wallpaper garden. Whether you prefer a flower garden, vegetable garden or vineyard, you want to imagine yourself in China, France or Japan or prefer to see overgrown hiking trails, picturesque lakes or lovely bridges, the perfect wall mural for you is here.

Do you need something more wild than a quiet garden for your wall? Take a look at our wall mural Forest.