Hulk Posters

The strongest, greatest, green hero ever

Who doesn't know him, the big green superhero who is very strong. Also known as the Hulk. Anyone who has ever watched the Marvel movies has at least remembered one character, namely the Hulk. This big, green man, with a muscle mass that will blow your mind, is sure to be one to remember. As a true Marvel and Hulk fan, our posters are definitely something for you.

From Doctor to Hulk

Dr. Robert Bruce Branner is a great genius and works as a nuclear physicist for the US military. dr. Branner is working on a type of weapon called the 'gamma bomb'. When they start testing the bomb, something goes wrong. Bruce himself is exposed to the gigantic amount of gamma radiation and because of this he turns into the Hulk. Over the years, more variants of the Hulk have emerged. Some good and some bad. But as a true Hulk fan you know the story backwards of course. As a true enthusiast, a poster of the Hulk is therefore really something for you! This one would surely shine in your bedroom, living room or any room.

Always plenty of choice

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