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Transparent poster hangers

Poster strips are ideal if you want to hang a poster. Although it is called a poster hanger, you can of course also hang other things with it. Think, for example, of photos, a map, et cetera. When you have ordered a poster strip, you will receive two strips. You attach one strip to the top of the poster and the other strip to the bottom. Thanks to the bottom strip, the poster hangs down tightly. All you have to do now is hang the strip in the desired place using a wire. You will have hung the poster in no time without damaging the poster.

Various sizes

The transparent poster strips are available in no fewer than 11 sizes:

30 centimeters
40 centimeters
50 centimeters
60 centimeters
61 centimeters
70 centimeters
75 centimeters
80 centimeters
90 centimeters
92 centimeters
100 centimeters

All strips are 13 millimeters wide and only 9 millimeters thick. No matter how big or how small the size of the poster is, we have the right poster hanger for you. You can also opt for poster hangers with a hanging eye or hanging hole. The hanging hole is at the back of the top strip and a hanging eye is at the top of the top strip. The strips are made of plastic.

Poster strips transparent, white and black

In principle, you can use a transparent poster strip for any poster. Thanks to the transparent color, the strips do not stand out and they fit perfectly with every poster and every interior. Are you also looking for poster strips in other colors in addition to transparent poster strips? In our range you will also find black poster strips and white poster strips.