Poster Frames 40x40 cm

With poster frames 40x40 cm you have a showstopper at home

With our special 40x40cm poster frames you can really give your room a lot more atmosphere. Our poster frames are therefore specially made for framing posters. We have two different variants of this.

Namely the Parma frame and the Paris frame. The difference between these two poster frames lies in the material. The Parma is an MDF frame and the Paris is a plastic frame. The poster frames are available in three colours; white, black and silver.

Create more atmosphere at home

Do you have a beautiful poster at home and is it finally time to give it a nice spot? Then our 40x40 cm poster frames are definitely something for you! With a poster frame around your poster you ensure that your room gives a lot more atmosphere.

A poster frame also ensures that your poster is not damaged so quickly. Because your poster or artwork is behind plexiglass, it ensures that it does not discolour so quickly and that it does not get dusty. Because you also have the choice of different colors, there will always be the right poster frame for you. We also have our poster frames in different sizes. We also have a poster frame of 60x80cm.