World Map Posters

The most beautiful world map poster

Through our website we offer you the most beautiful world map posters that are currently available. In addition to being a feast for the eyes, these posters are also very educational: at a glance you can see the complete topography of the world.

Not only ideal for learning with small children, you will undoubtedly learn something from it yourself. They come in different variants and certainly ensure that your room has an eye-catcher.

A world map poster not only serves as a signpost but also as a unique accessory for the wall. A must have for real travelers and people who love abroad. We offer you numerous vintage styles, illustrated posters or detailed world maps. We offer a lot of variety within the wide range of In addition, we offer suitable photo frames to make your poster appear even better in your interior. Enough reasons to purchase a world map for your wall and discover our diverse collection.

Wide collection

With a world map poster you create an eye-catcher of your favorite city, country or your own residential destination. We offer you a wide collection of world map posters via our website. You can choose from the standard world maps with the bright colors, but also from antique world maps. We also have educational world maps with animals, seas and continents, which can greatly contribute to the development of children. Nowadays, geometric shapes as a world map are also very trendy and gold and pastel colors are becoming more and more popular. Naturally, these styles and many more can be found in the wide range of

So there is a poster for every taste and every interior. Our world maps have a width of 76 to 100 centimeters and a height of 51 to 75 centimeters. With these dimensions, our posters are guaranteed to fit into any room and will never go unnoticed. And that too for an attractive price, suitable for every budget. Take a quick look at the world map posters in our webshop and you may soon enjoy an attractive wall in your home.

Nice ideas with a world map

A 'world map on the wall' is timeless and can brighten up and refresh the atmosphere in an interior. A unique gift for a good friend or for your son, daughter, brother or sister. Actually, you can delight anyone who loves to travel and other countries with a world map poster. Determine the size and design yourself, there are countless options within our online shop.

Do you love to travel and have you already visited many beautiful countries in the past and there are still endless destinations on your wish list? Then a world map poster is a true enrichment for your interior. Plan your next trip and map out the different destinations. You may have already brought some souvenirs with you during your travels, which of course also deserve a nice place in your home. Have you ever thought about merging these elements into a large world map?

For example, place your holiday memories on a narrow wall sticker, which you can combine in a fun way with the world map poster. Another option is to print your precious holiday photos in a smaller format and hang them on the relevant country with a pin. Maybe you still have stacks of old boarding tickets that you can attach to the poster to present your collection. There are so many inspiring ideas to apply and maybe you can even put your own creative spin on it to expand the look and feel even further. We bet that your guests will be very impressed by your world map on the wall.

Might also be relevant to you

In addition to our collection of world maps, we offer a wide collection of world posters with different sizes and designs via our website If you are interested in our collection of world maps, our collection of educational posters may also be for you. In addition to our world maps, we offer many more educational posters: maps of countries, flags and even the periodic table. Enough posters for every interior and also super educational for small children.

If you use a classic vintage style in your interior, it can also be fun to combine the poster with matching decorations such as a compass or a wooden treasure chest. World maps are also perfect for a pirate themed (children's) room. The world map poster can serve as a treasure map and the rest of the room can also be decorated with fun accessories.

Ordering your world poster

You have now found a design that will make you shine, what are you waiting for? Order your world map poster now and select the design and dimensions you want. In our webshop you can find various articles to decorate your interior.

If you have any questions or for inspiration tips, you can contact our professional customer service team, which you can contact on working days by email or telephone. We will then jointly look for a tailor-made solution so that you can enjoy your new wall decoration as soon as possible.