Paul Cézanne Art Print

The post-impressionist work of Paul Cézanne

Post-Impressionism, a European art movement that is the successor to Impressionism. This was a movement that took time to get going. Paul Cezanne was an example of this. Cézanne was already interested in art as a little boy. He started taking drawing lessons early on. In the end, somewhat against his father's will, Cézanne chose art anyway. He moved to Paris and from there he started his career.

Give atmosphere to your home with art by Paul Cézanne

Paul's career was not smooth sailing. He was often rejected at various expositions and had few followers in the beginning. Over the years this all changed, more and more people saw the art of Post-Impressionism. He often painted the mountain Mont Sainte-Victoire, but later he also occupied himself with still lifes. Cézanne's work is really an eye-catcher for your home. Because of the bright use of colors and the beautiful landscapes you can look at it for hours. It immediately gives a certain atmosphere in your home.

At you can always succeed

However, art is not for everyone. One thinks it's beautiful while the other just doesn't like it. This is of course not a bad thing, because we can't all like the same thing. Do you still want to give your room a lot more atmosphere, but you don't know how. For example, wallpaper a piece of the wall, this is an easy solution and also a very nice one. Do you also want to imagine yourself between the most beautiful landscapes, take a quick look at our collection of wall murals landscape. Who knows, you might find what your home is still missing.