Wall Mural Animals Pattern

Want a unique room? Try a wall mural with animal patterns!

Do you remember how angry your classmate's mother was when she found out she had drawn on the wallpaper? Wallpaper was sacred. Wallpaper was expensive. You only replaced wallpaper once or twice in your life. Home decoration was hardly developed until the 1970s. A house was mainly functional and only rich people could decorate their house with luxurious elements.

Paper has long been precious and was mainly used for more important purposes than wallpaper, such as newspapers and books. Wallpaper printed with motifs did not become common until the first half of the 19th century. Before that, blank paper was pasted on the wall and painted by hand.

Why choose an animal motif?

The funny thing is that the paintings that were made on wallpaper around 1800 were mainly scenes from nature and landscapes with animals. It's a shame it went out of fashion then. What could be nicer to bring nature and the zen feeling into your home? They had already thought of that a few centuries ago.

Around the hippie era there were a number of rebels who found ordinary wallpaper with motifs boring. Photo wallpaper came on the market mainly with pictures of forests and mountain landscapes. When painting walls became very popular, the ordinary wallpaper disappeared, but also the photo wallpaper.

Zen with animal motifs

But good news, with the convenience of digital printing with laser technology, photo wallpaper is back and hip again! Yourdecoration.com also has a huge choice, especially photo wallpaper with an animal motif is very popular. The photo wallpaper is printed on non-woven fabric.

An image consists of several strips of 50 cm wide. You can embellish any room, even the bathroom, because our wall murals are scratch and water resistant and UV resistant. Even small irregularities in the wall are obscured by the fleece line. Make your room unique, bring nature into your home and order your photo wallpaper with an animal motif now.