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When decorating a room, there is a wide range of elements and tools to create atmosphere, have you ever thought of wall mural Komar? You may already have beautiful furniture and nice accessories in your home, but have you thought about the basis of your interior?

An important element that forms a solid basis is wallpaper, such as wall mural Komar. This wallpaper helps you to add texture, pattern, color and depth easily and quickly. Today you can choose from a wide range of options, which you can easily and quickly compare online.

A higher lifespan and durability of your walls

Wallpaper is not only beneficial for its aesthetic appearance, but it contributes to the longevity and durability of the walls.

Even when working with solid colors, wallpaper is the most economical, durable and cost effective because it adds a protective layer to the wall that is cleanable and washable. It can further add a very subtle texture and depth for more visual interest that cannot be achieved with just a simple coat of paint.

Extremely suitable for small children

Wallpaper is durable and cleanable, but did you know that the wallpaper is extremely suitable for small children. According to many studies, it has been established that wall coverings such as photo wallpaper last five times longer than paint under normal conditions of use.

While wallpaper may require a little more knowledge to apply, most wallpaper has a lifespan of 10-15 years, meaning the work will last a long time after you've applied it to the wall. A painted wall will begin to show signs of aging over time, and will need to be painted more often to keep it looking fresh.

Bring the 70s and 80s into your home and choose a colorful pattern

The original prints from the 70s and 80s no longer dominate the trendy living image today. However, striking and colorful prints can certainly be seen again! How about a colorful floral print or a print of animals, for example? These are just a few examples of Komar photo wallpaper patterns that you can order from us.

Wallpaper can help bring warmth and depth to a room that cannot be achieved with paint alone. Wallpaper gives you the opportunity to really show your personality and style with the range of patterns, prints and colors available. What kind of print photo wallpaper Komar do you prefer?