Caspar David Friedrich Art Print

The not so forgotten painter Caspar David Friedrich

He was the painter who gave the landscape a soul and he knew how to make nature a sounding board for human feelings. A German painter and draftsman from the period of romantic art. When he died, he and his art were soon forgotten, but in the twentieth century he was completely rediscovered. We are, of course, talking about Caspar David Friedrich.

The feeling that Friedrich's art brought with it

Friedrich is known for his landscapes. Landscapes were first painted only with the intention of being a beautiful backdrop for human activities. Yet Friedrich changed that. Friedrich was also a deeply religious Protestant, so faith can often be seen in his paintings. Think of crucifixes or light breaking through the clouds. His best works are those that evoke a certain feeling of melancholy. This feeling is also often understood by everyone.

Give your own art a nice place

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