Passe Partouts 59,4x84 cm A1

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Frame the most beautiful memories with the 59.4x84 cm A1 passe-partouts

Photo frames with one of the passe-partouts from are perfect for framing your most beautiful memories. There is therefore a good chance that you already have a number of photo frames on the windowsill, in the cupboard or on the wall at the moment. However, do the photos, diplomas or posters come into their own 100%? You can be sure of this by choosing one of the passe-partouts 59.4x84 cm A1.

Space between the photo and the photo frame is filled

The passe-partouts from the collection ensure that the space between the photo and the photo frame is properly filled. This ensures that the framed image cannot be damaged and that contact with the glass of the photo frame is avoided. In addition, the passe-partouts 59.4x84cm A1 can also ensure that part of the image is covered, so that, for example, an unsightly corner is no longer visible.

Excellent for creating a beautiful photo gallery

Do you prefer a beautiful photo collage? That is also possible with a passe-partout from the collection of Each variant is made of sturdy cardboard, so that valuable works of art cannot be affected.