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Order your photo frame 70x90cm from us

In our webshop we sell photo frames with different sizes. Many people wonder what exactly is the use of a photo frame. In principle, that is a good question, but at the same time there is also a clear answer to be given. On the one hand, a frame provides a beautiful decoration. It adds something to your interior, making it look a lot better, but perhaps even more important than that: a photo frame makes your photo look more beautiful.

The photo really comes to the fore, especially if you combine it with a passe-partout. A cherished memory comes across better this way. Moreover, a beautiful precious photo deserves a beautiful photo frame.

Different 70x90 cm Photo Frames

At you can order photo frames in different sizes and colors. For example, Photo frames 70x90cm, but other sizes are also widely available. you can see exactly which photo frames we have in stock.

Not only do you have a choice of many beautiful colors, but you can also easily filter for other things. Perhaps you prefer an aluminum frame or a wooden, MDF or plastic. If you click on a photo frame you will get more information about that frame.

Other products

On you will not only find 70x90 cm photo frames and the associated 70x90 cm Passe-partouts. We sell everything related to wall decoration. Think of Wall Murals, Art Reproductions, Paintings, etc.

Another popular category are our beautiful posters, you can hang these posters with poster strips. Look for this under the hanging systems category, so that your poster hangs neatly and tightly on your wall.