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When you think of pop art, you think of Andy Warhol

When you think of pop art, Andy Warhol almost immediately comes to mind. Warhol was not only an artist, but also a film director and author. Yet we know him best from his works of art. Warhol made high-contrast paintings and used serigraphs of the most everyday objects. Take the Campbell's soup cans, for example. Almost everyone knows this one. Or think of the stylized portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Judy Garland, among others.

“Everything is pretty”

Everything is beautiful, that was often Warhol's line of thought. Everything is art was Warhol's motto. Warhol saw most simple everyday things as art. He initially started with hand-painted art, but eventually he went his own way. Warhol started screen printing on canvas and that is what made him famous. Andy made everything. Some works were humorous, but some also had more serious undertones. All this because he wanted the viewer to create their own interpretation.

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