Passe Partouts 30x45 cm

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Passe-partout 30x45 cm in all colours

Above you will find all passe-partouts 30x45 cm from our collection. Make your photo frame unique with a custom passe-partout. Our range includes many different passe-partouts of the size 30x45 cm with which you can make photo frames completely to your own taste. All mats have a unique color and shape. With a passe-partout you can brighten up any photo frame so that it no longer looks so boring and bare. A photo immediately becomes a lot more lively with one of the 30x45 cm passe-partouts around it. Make your photos unique and protect them at the same time.

A different design for every occasion

The great thing about a passe-partout is that you can easily change them. At the office, for example, a passe-partout with a business color is more useful, while at home you prefer one of the passe-partouts with light colors. Are you tired of your current passe-partout after a while? Then you can simply order a new passe-partout, making the entire frame look like new again!

Only the best mats 30x45 cm

Only the best passe-partouts are included in the range. Our passe-partouts are made of acid-free and high-quality cardboard. A passe-partout for your photo is always carefully packed and shipped for you. Of course you can also order a suitable photo frame at the same time. Look under the category photo frames of 30x45cm. If you have any questions about any of our products, don't hesitate to contact us. We do our best to help you as best as possible.