Study Posters

Study posters: Playful way to teach your child something

In this category on you can find study posters. You can hang these wherever you want: in the nursery, the office, a nursery or school. We have educational posters in different themes. This way you can choose what you like or what you would like to know more about, for example. For example, are you fascinated by the solar system? Then choose a poster in this theme, where you can view all planets and learn more about them in the poster. Study posters are fun to hang in your child's room. In this way the room becomes cozier, but the poster also has an educational purpose.

Posters also nice for classrooms

Study posters are of course also ideal for a classroom. Do you always teach in the same classroom? Then you can hang a poster that belongs to your profession. You can also use these posters in your lesson, which most students would really like. It is of course also nice to give such a poster as a gift to a teacher. To brighten up your home workplace a bit, it would also be nice to hang a poster in this space. In this way, the bare walls are filled in and the space becomes more fun and cosy.

Let the poster come out nicely

Do you already have a photo frame at home in which the poster fits, but where there is just too much space left in the frame? Then you can use our passe-partouts. This is a cardboard with a nice beveled edge that you can put in a photo frame to fill the empty space so that your photo is not damaged and gets more focus.