Passe Partouts 35x35 cm

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The right passe-partout 35x35cm for every motif

In our online shop you are guaranteed to find a high-quality cut passe-partout for every motif and every frame. Just like the frames, the passe-partouts come in different sizes. There are rectangular and square passe-partouts, such as the 35x35 cm passe-partouts. Previously, white or light beige frames were usually used. Today, the number of colors is almost unlimited. In addition to a high-quality passe-partout, you will also find a wide selection of photo frames in our shop. We can offer you an almost unlimited choice of colors to emphasize the motif or the whole color scheme of your interior decoration. The photo frames are made of different materials such as plastic, wood, aluminum and MDF.

General tips about the passe-partout format

A passe-partout must ensure perfect harmony between the motif, the photo frame and the environment. It should balance the distance between the photo and the frame, especially since the right combination of color and width of the passe is important. Under no circumstances should a passe-partout be too large and take the viewer away from the subject. To give an example: a passe-partout may not be narrower than three centimeters. Small motifs, such as postcard motifs, can be displayed with large passe-partouts and wide picture frames. Portrait photos come into their own very well in square frames with 35x35 cm passe-partouts.

Don't underestimate the eye

The visual perception of the human eye should not be underestimated. With the same margin around the image, it makes us think that the bottom margin is narrower. This perception becomes stronger when the image is hung at eye level. Therefore, if possible, we recommend that you make the bottom edge slightly wider than the top, on average about half a centimeter.