Art Deco Canvas Prints

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Art Deco is back again. It was once a popular international style in the 1920s to 1939 and at that time had a significant influence not only on the arts, but also on architecture, art, clothing fashion and interior design. Art Deco also became a household name in the graphic and industrial field. Art Deco was seen everywhere, also in everyday utensils. The emphasis of art deco is on the sleekness and design, it didn't have to be very realistic.

The art deco style

Art Deco owes its name to an exhibition at a world exhibition in 1925, namely the 'Exposition des Art décoratifs et Industriels modernes'. It was not until the 1970s that the name art deco was really established. The Art Deco style appeared frequently in painting, but also through industrialization in lithography. The main characteristics of art deco are the sleek and simple design and the abstract shapes. The geometric patterns and the clear and bright use of color are also recognizable in Art Deco.

Art Deco canvas as an eye-catcher

Today, more and more art deco items appear in the interior. Perhaps a little less frivolous than before, but usually as a real eye-catcher. Art deco can be combined well with sleek furniture and natural materials. Art Deco is also perfect for achieving a balanced yet captivating mix between modern and classic. Art deco is not a subtle living style when it comes to furniture, but home accessories such as art deco paintings can provide the perfect finishing touch.