Wall Mural 86x220cm

Order a wall mural 86x220cm from us

Read here about wall mural 86x220cm and view the photo wallpaper at Yourdecoration.com. On the site you see photo wallpaper 86x220cm with a beautiful classic sailing ship that sails into your home, as it were.

Yourdecoration.com has wall murals in different genres. It is also available in different sizes.

Yourdecoration.co.uk has more in its range

The site describes photo wallpaper as a quick and inexpensive method to finish a wall, but it does more. For example, if you choose photo wallpaper that is slightly shorter, photo wallpaper 86x200cm, the print sunny palms is on it and that creates atmosphere in a different way.

The classic sailing ship that sails towards you makes the wall come alive, sunny palms make the wall warm. Now you can create a cozy and homely atmosphere with wall mural flowers, and with photo wallpaper sport depth. If you opt for photo wallpaper sports, you can opt for a view in a stadium, which gives an enormous spatial effect.

You can also create depth by choosing, for example, wall mural forest, because of the perspective you look more into the wall than against a wall. This makes a room visually wider or deeper. So a lot is possible with photo wallpaper. In addition to photo wallpaper, Yourdecoration.com has a large collection of posters and paintings on canvas. The advantage of posters and paintings is that you can hang them which is not possible with photo wallpaper.