Passe Partouts 20x60 cm

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Make your work of art unique with our passe-partouts 20x60 cm 

Have you recently bought a small piece of art at an auction or is there an heirloom going around in your family? In both cases, the collection of passe-partouts 20x60cm can offer a pleasant solution. After all, with a passe-partout you make that precious work of art just that little bit more unique. Via you can choose from various sizes and colors and every passe-partout is made of the best kind of cardboard. Thanks to the various colors, you can be sure that you can customize the content of your 20x60cm photo frame to your own taste.

Brighten up your photo frame with a passe-partouts

Whatever artwork it is and whatever frame you have, with one of the 20x60cm passe-partouts from you can be sure that you can brighten up any work completely. You are sure that the work immediately becomes many times more lively, you make the image unique and ensure that the work of art is better protected.

Create a different atmosphere all year round and alternate a passe-partout in various colours

A passe-partout is a relatively wide frame and therefore largely determines the atmosphere of the work of art. By ordering passe-partouts in various colors online, you can alternate them throughout the year. For example, choose a light shade in the summer months and go for a dark passe-partout during the winter months.