Passe Partouts 30x40 cm

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You can make every photo or artwork fit with our passe-partouts 30x40 cm

Do you have a nice photo, poster or a beautiful work of art, but is the work actually too small for a photo frame of 30x40cm? Then the passe-partouts 30x40 cm from are a perfect solution. By using a passe-partout, you ensure that a photo or work of art can be better expressed. You simply place a passe-partout around the work.

Colors are perfectly reflected in the 30x40 cm passe-partouts 

Many people underestimate the value that a passe-partout can add. A shame, of course, because without a passe-partout a photo or work of art is less effective. The passe-partouts 30x40cm from ensure that an image is perfectly framed and by choosing the right color, you can be sure that the work will become a lot more lively. Do you prefer a neutral passe-partout in black, white or off-white? Or are you going for a passe-partout in a striking colour?

Balance and tranquility in your interior thanks to a passe-partout

Balance and tranquility in your interior, that is what you are assured of with a passe-partout. A relatively busy work of art can appear much calmer when you add a 30x40 cm passe-partout to the photo frame. You can also choose, for example, to neatly remove stains on the edges of the work or a broken corner.