Wall Mural 200x280cm

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Brighten up your room with wall murals

Would you like something different in your living room than those boring white walls, for example a beautiful rose garden? Or do you want to turn the bedroom into a magical forest? Perhaps you prefer a more abstract print? It's all possible with wall mural 200x280cm. The wallpaper makes the room come to life. Now easily transform the rooms with photo wallpaper and make your whole house feel like new again!

A simple and quick metamorphosis

With wall mural 200x280cm you can easily and quickly give every room in your house a different atmosphere. The wallpaper comes in a number of strips and is easy to apply. There is a photo wallpaper for every room at Yourdecoration.com. From nursery to office, from bedroom to living room. You are guaranteed to find a beautiful print with us. And thanks to our filters you will quickly find what you are looking for. You can filter by size, theme (for example nature, Disney or cities) and by photo wallpaper for different rooms. For example, take a look at our wide selection of wall murals for your bedroom.

High quality photo wallpaper

At Yourdecoration.com we put quality first. Our photo wallpaper 200x280cm is from the Komar brand. This German producer is known for the quality and beautiful prints. The wall mural therefore remains beautiful for a long time. But if you are tired of the print, you can simply order another photo wallpaper to transform your room again.