Wall Mural 202x73cm

Order a wall mural 202x73cm from us

On the site you will also find photo wallpaper of a size larger than 202x73cm. It can even reach up to four meters. You can obtain the most special effects with photo wallpaper.

For example, create a depth effect with photo wallpaper forest or beach. Because of the perspective you look more into the wall than against the wall, and so a room appears wider or deeper.

Yourdecoration.com also has posters

Wall murals of more than two meters in length are already a nice poster. Sometimes it is too big, and then you can choose a poster, and at Yourdecoration.com you have every choice.

On the site you will see numerous posters in various genres. Some are specifically for a children's room, others can be used in an office or living room.

Yourdecoration.com also offers all options for framing the poster, because we have a wide range of frames and passe-partouts.

Paintings for a low price

If you do not find what you have in mind with both the photo wallpaper and the posters, you can still look at the paintings. The advantage of paintings on canvas is that you do not have to frame it.

You can take it straight out of the packaging and hang it in the living room. In any case, you don't have to leave it for the price, Yourdecoration.com is affordable.