Wall Mural Mickey Mouse

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Wall Mural Mickey Mouse

With the cheerful photo wallpaper from our Mickey Mouse collection, you can transform any room into a beautiful Disney room. Add some color to your office with these eye-catching prints or create an imaginative Mickey Mouse nursery. You can also create a cozy children's play corner in the living room by decorating a number of walls with Mickey Mouse wallpaper.

You can also endlessly combine this extensive wallpaper series with the photo wallpaper from any other collection. Through our webshop Yourdecoration.com you can choose from different photo wallpaper prints in both bright and calm colors. We offer a wide collection of Mickey Mouse wallpaper in various sizes of high quality and for every budget. This way you will always find the wallpaper that completely matches your home decor.

Create the most beautiful Mickey Mouse bedroom

Is your daughter or son a big fan of Mickey Mouse? Then view the colorful collection of Mickey Mouse wall murals. Your child will sleep like a baby with the cozy Mickey Mouse prints on the bedroom wall. In addition to the photo wallpaper Mickey Mouse, we have a wide range of photo wallpaper that fits perfectly with these prints.

For example, you can choose to wallpaper a number of walls with Mickey Mouse wallpaper in combination with other wall murals Disney. You can also combine the photo wallpaper with a floral design or a wallpaper with a plant print for a calm look.

Give your office a playful touch

Do you have a home office and want to brighten up this space? Mix and match the photo wallpaper Mickey Mouse, for example, with a modern or neutral wallpaper. This way you still retain a business style mixed with a touch of Disney for a lively effect.

The wooden look or stone wall designs from our wallpaper collection fit perfectly with the cheerful colors of the Mickey Mouse print.