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Is your living room, study, children's room or dining room lacking atmosphere? But you don't really know what caused this? It may just be that you don't have picture frames on the wall yet. With just a few posters, framed in a beautiful photo frame, you can immediately create a lot of atmosphere in your interior. In the webshop of you can choose from dozens of varieties. Our extensive range is of excellent quality. Each picture frame exudes class and is therefore extremely suitable for a timeless, trendy, classic or modern interior

Choose from frames in different heights and widths

What kind of frame for your posters or photos are you looking for? With us you can choose from frames in different heights and widths, but there is also more than enough choice in terms of color and materials in our webshop. Our photo frames are available in various colors. Think of colors in brown, black and white. There are also frames made of wood, aluminum and plastic. The best frame for your interior depends entirely on your personal taste

Some frames have a special border. This has to do with the profile height, which means how far the painting hangs from the wall. The profile height with an Annecy frame is different than, for example, with a Mura frame. Mura frames have a smooth edge with no 'decorations'. Other frames again have a wider frame or a thin frame. Which frame you ultimately choose depends of course on the poster or photo you want to frame and the style of your interior. To be able to make a quick choice, you can filter based on a number of specifications. Among other things, the profile type, the height or width and the material can all be coordinated. Buying a photo frame is even easier than you think.

Make a large photo wall with family photos

To create a family feeling in the living room, it is very nice to hang various family photos. Of course in beautiful photo frames, so that the photos come out even better. It immediately leaves a tidy impression and your living room gets a personal touch. Make the room come alive by using different photo frames and also vary the dimensions for a playful effect. By combining materials you create a whole new style. For example, alternate black and white with color photos. The possibilities are limitless to get the warm family feeling on your living room wall.

You can either fill the photo frames with one of the posters from our collection. It's also possible that you do not yet have any photos or posters that you can frame. Or you want to frame something else after years of living pleasure. In either case, it would do you good to view our collection of posters in different styles. There is endless choice in the extensive collection of posters with the theme of movies, music and games. In the general posters category you can choose from various main topics such as cars, maps, posters with quotes, nature posters and much more! Which style appeals to you the most?

The perfect composition to hang the photo frames

There are many ways to hang products. However, we understand that you may still be uninspired or have not even considered what possibilities there are at all. We will go through a number of options with you to find a suitable solution for your wall. A triptych is great if you have three similar images or maybe three photos of your grandchildren. The frames are hung tightly next to each other and at the same distance. This looks very nice above a modern cupboard or a large dining room table.

Edge suspension
An edge suspension is very nice to apply on a wide wall, perhaps above a large sofa. You draw an imaginary horizontal (or vertical) line on the wall, as it were. All photo frames are hung the same distance from the line. Only the heights may differ, the rest is neatly aligned. A narrow space is created in the middle, which ensures harmony and tranquility.

Hang down stairs
Photo frames can also be hung down stairs. This is a variant that can be fun in a hallway and which we often see in well-known films and series. It is also possible to arrange the lists from smallest to largest and vice versa. It is therefore very nice to use different sizes. Or, tell a story within the photo series.

Then make sure that the first photo looks into the series, so to the right, and that the last one looks back, consequently to the left. The photos in the middle can also be coordinated, for example a special family day.

3x3 or 4x4 composition
A 3x3 or 4x4 composition is also a nice option for a large light wall. The lists are again displayed at the same distances and offer a well-arranged display. You can just as well change the material and/or colors of the frames or maintain consistency by hanging everything in identical frames. Buying a photo frame is easy at and that certainly with our extensive range.

Our golden tips

When you are ready to drill holes, it is important to do this carefully. You don't want to have any holes left over from the beautiful wall after you've attached the frames. Determine in advance which screws, plugs and other things you need. Logically, you need different types of mounting material for different types of walls, so make sure you are well informed about this.

You can use (pattern) paper to get all the holes in the right place. Cut the paper to the size of the frames and hang them on the wall with a piece of tape. Then you draw the hole where you are going to drill on the paper and then you drill right through it. Now all you have to do is hang up the frames and you can enjoy a pimped up wall.