IT Posters

Fan of IT's books and movies? Then ouder one of our IT posters

The first book of IT appeared in the year 1986. The book is written by Stephen King, where horror clown Pennywise plays the lead role. This horror clown can change shape and therefore makes life short and sour for children. The book was first made into a film in 1990 and the latest film adaptation was released in 2017 followed by a sequel in 2019. Have you seen this movie and got excited? Or have you read Stephen King's book several times? Then an IT poster should not be missing in your interior.

Gullible children come back as gullible adults

IT posters can be ordered in different versions via You can choose from various posters with the iconic horror clown Pennywise, but you can also choose from various posters with children depicted. And that is of course not for nothing. These gullible children reappear later in the film as gullible adults and therefore play a major role in the film.

Choose from different posters of both movies

As you have read above, the film IT can be seen in different versions. That is why you can also order posters of both films at Will you go for a poster of the film from 2017 or 2019, or will your heart beat faster with an "old-fashioned" poster with a print from the 90s? View the current collection on this page and, if desired, order a matching photo frame. Due to the wide range in different colors, you can also order a suitable frame for your personal taste.