Passe Partouts 60x70 cm

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Order a Passe-partout 60x70 cm from us

Passe-partouts 60x70 cm are timeless and look good in every home. They draw the attention from the eye to the painting or photograph. This will make a beautiful photo stand out even more in the household; it will become an indispensable element in your living space. Passe-partouts come in all colors and sizes, so you can always find the right border for your photo. Thanks to a passe-partout, your photo fits in a photo frame that is too large and the photo comes into its own. A small picture on a long and whitewashed wall will look very lost. However, a passe-partout gives the photo the grandeur it needs to become an eye-catcher.

The right shade passe-partout

Passe-partouts 60x70cm should compliment the photo or painting. So choose a hue that may not be overly present in the photo, but that runs through it like a red thread. By choosing this color for the passe-partout, the whole impression you can have of a photo really changes. Choose a passe-partout that matches the rest of your interior and your photo will be an indispensable part of the wall. Whether you have a modern, rural or retro interior, the passe-partout fits almost everywhere in the picture. They also give the photo a sense of calm, so that the photo is a pleasant wall decoration, but does not become dominant. With a passe-partout you keep the whole in balance!