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Be surprised by our extensive range of A2 photo frames

With a simple addition, you can make every room in your home speak and that is with a framed photo or poster! With an A2 photo frame 42x59.4cm you have the opportunity to hang a wide variety of photos.

So it is high time to do justice to your favorite images in photos, paintings or posters. You do this with one of the A2 photo frames that you can find within the range of

You can choose from different types of A2 photo frames. For example, choose photo frames in cheerful colors to hang posters in the children's room. But of course we also offer black photo frames A2 so that you can also hang posters and paintings in the most modern rooms.

Within our range we offer interchangeable frames made of different materials such as wood, aluminum and plastic, to fit as many interior styles as possible. For example, choose wooden frames with a playful decoration or a sleek aluminum frame.

An A2 photo frame offers ideal protection for your framing

Your works of art, certificates and precious memories not only deserve a beautiful place in your home, but certainly also a safe one. Therefore, protect them with the high-quality photo frames from Photos, posters and motifs will remain free from dog-ears, cracks and dirt. This way, these precious moments will last for centuries and you can enjoy them at any time.

Does your image or poster to be framed have a size other than A2? Then use a passepartout to frame it in a beautiful A2 photo frame. Our high-quality passe-partouts are available in different colors and sizes. The images will also stand out even better with a matching passe-partout.

A passepartout also offers an extra layer of protection, because the image and the glass of the frame do not make contact with each other.

Black A2 photo frames

The color black is a fairly neutral color that fits in many interiors. At you have the option to choose different black photo frames in A2 format. The best thing about the color black is that you can hang almost all posters and paintings in it, regardless of what is depicted in the photo.

This is because this color makes all other colors stand out well. If you hang a poster in a black photo frame, you will notice that you can create the most fantastic combinations with all the other accessories that you have placed in the room.

Black invites you to play with different colors, you will also notice this if you choose a colorful painting. By hanging it in a black frame, you will notice that the painting looks much nicer.

Photo frames A2 in various colours

With us you can choose from different colors such as gold, bronze, white, black, beige or beech wood. Everything is possible. This ensures that the correct frame is ordered according to your personal preferences and interior.

Do you have any questions at this time? Please feel free to contact our customer service and we will see what we can do for you. Together we look at solutions and options that suit your wishes. By paying afterwards, you can also check at home whether the products suit your interior.

Order easily within a few clicks and receive your order at home. This saves a lot of work and dragging large frames, posters or wallpaper rolls.