Wall Mural Wood

Wall murals wood gives a rustic and rural look to your interior

Are you already familiar with our wall mural wood from the Yourdecoration.com range? If not, it will certainly do you good to take a look at the possibilities that are available for you.

You create a rustic and rural look to your interior and you also have a choice of different prints. Not only does the photo wallpaper with a wooden print combine well with a wooden floor or laminate, the print can also be matched well with, for example, a cast floor or a dark gray tile floor.

A wide range in different colors

When you think of wood, you quickly think of a photo wallpaper in a brown color. However, we have included several colors in our wide range. Think of a print with the colors blue and yellow. As a result, you immediately give more color to every wall in the house and therefore also more color to the interior.

Combine the print with matching accessories such as pillows and candles and the interior of your home is completely in balance.

Wall murals from Artgeist and Komar

On this page you can choose wall murals from Artgeist and Komar. Both brands guarantee you a high quality and every wallpaper is razor sharp in terms of print.

You benefit from fast shipping and the order will be delivered to your home quickly. Do you have questions in advance about one of our products or can you use help with ordering? In that case, please contact our customer service.