Decorate your interior with posters

Decorate your interior with posters

Hanging a poster is often a nice way to give your room a little more atmosphere. It is also a fairly easy way. It is important that you know which poster you want and how you want to hang it. You can read all about it in this blog.

Large wall posters are really a trend. It ensures that your room gets that extra push. Decorating your room with posters is therefore a very nice idea. Another advantage is that you can often switch with posters. Of course it is important to know how to hang the posters. 


You can hang your posters in many ways

There are several ways to hang posters. It just depends on what you think is the coolest way. The easiest way is of course sticking the poster to the wall. You can easily do this with adhesive tape. It gives a kind of edgy vibe, but of course it's not a way to recommend at all. Your poster will be damaged much faster.

Another way is to use a poster strip. This is a very simple way to hang your poster neatly. It also gives it a very modern look. A poster strip consists of two poster strips. You hang the poster between these two strips. There is a suspension eye on the top strip to which you can easily attach a string and then hang it up. The bottom strip provides the weight. This keeps the poster tightly against the wall.

Finally, you also have the option to choose from a photo frame. A photo frame ensures that your poster is fully protected. The poster is in fact against our anti-reflex glass plate. This ensures that no dirt can get on it and you will not be bothered by reflection. A photo frame often ensures that the poster is slightly better exposed.


Which poster are you going for?

As soon as you know how you want to hang your poster, it is also useful to see in which wall you are going to do this. Of course, our posters, poster strips and photo frames can be mounted on any wall. It is only useful to know what kind of wall you want to attach it to. For example, a nail is enough for a wooden wall, but for a concrete wall you might also have to use a screw and a plug. Hanging a poster without causing damage is of course the most important thing.

So hanging up a poster is done in no time, but choosing the right poster can sometimes be a lot more difficult. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that with us. We have divided our posters into different categories. We have 10 main categories and this includes small subcategories.

Enough categories to choose from

Are you a big movie and series fanatic, then of course the movie posters category is really something for you. For example, a poster of your favorite movie on the wall would be really great. In our collection of film poster you will also find many subcategories of different films and series. Decorating your room with posters is a fantastic way to add some atmosphere to your interior.

Posters can be hung in any room. You often have posters that look better in one room than in another. Even here we have different categories for this. If you want to give your office a little more atmosphere, you should definitely take a look at our office posters. Here you can find all kinds of posters that will shine in your office.

For example, we have a special collection aimed at bedroom posters. Here you will find posters that are very suitable for a bedroom. Think of large posters for the wall. If your living room needs a bit more atmosphere, then you should of course take a look at our collection of living room posters.


A world of difference with posters

You can achieve a lot with large wall posters. It ensures that your room gets a completely new look. It also shows where your interests lie. Which is also a cool idea to do. Is making a poster wall. With a poster wall you can use different posters on the wall. This way you really transform your wall into a large eye-catcher.

Don't wait any longer and let your room shine again with a poster on the wall. To get even more inspiration when it comes to posters, the blog which posters for which room is also very useful to read. Here you can read about everything where which posters often come out best.

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