Passe Partouts 24x30 cm

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Choosing the right 24x30 cm passe-partout

A passe-partout is not just a thin cardboard with a hole cut into it. The cutting method shows the white or sometimes black edges of the cardboard, which form a strong contrast when the passe part is colored. The white bevel emphasizes the opening and deepens the subject of the photo. Passe-Partouts 24x30 cm are useful for framing portrait photos. A passe-partout is also an essential element in the presentation of a photo, as it prevents direct contact with the glass of the frame. It provides a "breathing" space through which the subject can be better admired.

Color of the passe-partout 24x30cm

Black, white or off-white are often chosen as mats 24x30 cm because of their neutrality. They mainly emphasize the subject itself. You can also opt for a subtle passe-partout, with a rarely used colour. This strongly depends on the color of the 24x30cm photo frame you choose. This choice often brings the photo to life and gives it a traditional and elegant look. On the other hand, a matte photo will give a harmonious effect if it does not dominate the color of the appropriate frame. In general, warm tones are combined with warm photos. In some cases, contrasts also give good results. A light-colored image is enhanced by a dark passe-partout and vice versa.

The dimension

The passe-partout should be about ten centimeters larger than the size of the subject to be framed. To compensate for the optical illusion created when a subject is placed under a mat with equal margins, the bottom margin is increased by 6 to 8 mm, depending on the size of the framed work. The passe-partout has beveled edges, so that no shadow falls on the image and the eye is directed to the photo.