Passe Partouts 25x30 cm

What is a 25x30 cm passe partout?

A passe-partout is a cardboard cut in the middle that is placed between the photo and the glass plate in the photo frame. A passe-partout is therefore an extra photo frame for your photo. The distance between the glass and the surface of the image is increased and a depth effect is created, which further emphasizes the image. Passe-partouts 25x30 cm are a commonly used format. They separate the image from the environment and frame even more, without being too noticeable if you choose the right color. Framing with a passe-partout is one of the most original forms of image presentation.

The 25x30cm passe-partout makes the frame

Passe-partouts 25x30 cm are an important design element for a perfect frame. Not only can valuable works of art be stylishly framed with a passe-partout, but also photos, such as wedding photos or children's photos, can be displayed optimally with a passe-partout, because the additional framing draws attention to the essential, namely the photo. Even small photos look particularly beautiful when framed in a large photo frame with a passe-partout.

Passe-partouts: Depth effect and protection

With a 25x30cm passe-partout from you create a unique depth effect. Depending on the thickness of the passe-partout, this effect is enhanced or reduced. In general, a passe-partout gives a more lively image and creates more appeal. The extra frame draws even more attention to the image, making it stand out in the best possible way. A passe-partout offers the perfect protection for your photo. On the one hand, the passe-partout creates a distance between the glass and the image, so that the glass surface is not directly on the photo and the image surface is optimally protected. On the other hand, the passe-partout protects the image against excessive moisture, because the passe-partout absorbs the moisture present.