Passe Partouts 61x91,5 cm

Passe-partouts 61x91.5 cm

You have a beautiful painting at home or you have a photo printed that you want to decorate your wall. A beautiful photo frame is of course a necessity, but a passe-partout can also be an important purchase. In our range you will find the passe-partouts 61x91.5 cm. By purchasing a passe-partout in a color that matches both the painting and the rest of the interior, it is a bridge that integrates your painting into your home. For example, if you have a wall mural hanging on the other side of the room, try to transfer a subtle shade from this wall into your painting by using this color in a passe-partout.

Create peace with a passe-partout

There are many reasons for purchasing a passe-partout. You can also consider it as a frame to create peace in this way. Perhaps your painting is a portrait with many details and/or color. A photo can also look busy when it is framed full screen. By using one of the beautiful passe-partouts 61x91.5cm, the focus is more on the photo or painting, while at the same time a calmness is created in the image. Your painting or photo may also appear to be quite large. However, if you have a large living room, the whole can quickly disappear and drown in space. A passe-partouts 61x91.5 cm can then give the painting the size it needs to be a nice addition to your interior.