Combine different photo frames for a playful effect

Combine different photo frames for a playful effect

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Turn your boring wall into a real eye-catcher with a gallery wall. But what are the dos and-don'ts? When it comes to designing a gallery wall, there’s no right or wrong. As long as your gallery wall makes you happy and helps you feel at home, that's all you need! You can make a gallery wall in any room; whether it's the kitchen, the living room, the toilet or the hallway, you can make a gallery wall anywhere. You can use various styles for a gallery wall. You can choose multiple photo frames in one format, multiple photo frames in different formats, as well as photo frames in different styles and sizes. Our photo frames are available in all kinds of colors and sizes. But how do you choose the perfect size and how can you combine different sizes for a playful effect? In this blog, you can read a number of tips and fun ideas on how to give your wall a new look.

Choose the right place for your gallery wall

It’s very important to first of all decide on the place where you want to hang your photo selection. Make sure there’s enough space on the wall to show the photos off to their best effect. For smaller wall surfaces, for example in the hallway or in the toilet, it’s best to choose smaller frames. Photo frames can also be hung on staircase walls. This is an idea that can look attractive in a hallway and which we often see in well-known films and series. The frames can also be arranged from smallest to largest and vice versa. Or use the set of photos to tell a story.

If you do this, make sure that the first photo in the series looks forward, so to the right, and that the last one looks back, so to the left. The photos in the middle can also be coordinated, for example a special family day.

When framing the photos, it’s very important that you choose images that are calm (e.g. not too many different and striking colors), otherwise it will be too busy and cluttered.

Combine different sizes and types of frames

In addition to combining different photo frame formats, you can also choose different types of frames. Photo frames are available in materials such as wood, MDF, aluminium and plastic. You can also choose from different colors such as the standard colors black and white, but also brown, grey, whitewash, gold, green, yellow and champagne. Which colour you choose depends very much on your personal preference and style. Do you prefer a neat, modern interior? Then choose an aluminium photo frame, for example. If you have a more rural interior, it’s best to choose natural colors (earth tones) such as white, beige, brown or grey. Photo frames are also available in various styles. Some frames have a special border. This has to do with the moulding depth, i.e. how far the painting hangs from the wall. Different moulding depths and widths can give frames a modern, rural or a very streamlined look.

Which style are you going to choose?

There are many different themes and styles to choose from when creating your gallery wall. But it’s very important that you choose your own personal style. Some examples of a theme: black and white, nature, animals, feel good, modern style or a minimalist illustration. But of course, photos of your family or relatives will play a part. For example, create a beautiful gallery wall in your living room with family snapshots. Bring the room to life by using different photo frames and also vary the sizes for a playful effect. By combining materials, you can create a whole new style. Your living room immediately looks less cluttered and gets a personal touch.

Have you ever thought of framing a poster instead of photos? There’s an endless choice of themed posters. For example, choose multiple posters of your favorite film stars. Make a teenager's room more personal with framed posters of your daughter or son's idol. Or how about posters with quotes? There are many possibilities. When framing the posters, it’s also important that you choose a style to avoid clutter and crowding on your wall.

What arrangement will you go for?

Of course, you can opt for multiple frames in the same size. Do you want a slightly more playful effect? Then choose multiple frames in different formats. Do you find it difficult to decide which size is best for you? Below we give you a number of different arrangements that you might use when choosing the right formats.

Tip: Before you start hanging them, it’s useful to place your framed photo frames on the floor in the correct order. Of course, you don't have to stick to the order that you originally decided. If you put the photo frames next to each other, you sometimes come to the conclusion that you have to change the order to create a better effect. Also make sure that the distance between the photo frames is the same for each photo frame. This ensures a streamlined effect.


  • Tools for hanging photo frames
  • Put all the frames on the floor first 
  • Choose the right spot on the wall
  • Place the templates on the wall
  • Take note of the hanging system 
  • Hang the photo frames
  • The gallery wall is done

Example of a gallery wall for a small area

Total width gallery is
78x67 cm (spacing 7 cm)

Totale width gallery is
124x77 (spacing 7cm)

fotomuur kleine fotolijsten
fotomuur kleine fotolijsten

Example of a gallery wall for a medium-sized area
Total width gallery is
134x87cm (spacing 7 cm)

Total width gallery is
135x117cm (spacing 7 cm)

fotolijsten wand fotowand blog 

Example of a gallery wall for a large area

Total width gallery is
181x117cm (spacing 7 cm)

Totale width gallery is
181x127cm (spacing 7 cm)

fotowand blog

fotowand blog 

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