Passe Partouts 30x60 cm

Structure and quality of a 30x60 cm passe-partout

The passe-partout is the element that completes the photo. In addition to its optical and aesthetic value, it has a functional value that should not be overlooked: a passe-partout protects the image in the frame. Of course, it is very important to choose an original picture and to make an overall harmonious impression. Passe-partouts 30x60 cm are suitable for framing fairly large photos.

Our passe-partouts 30x60cm are made of acid-free cardboard

It is important that the cardboard from which passe-partouts are made is free of acids. This prevents yellowing of the photo due to harmful substances. The core can have different colors for an interesting optical effect. If the core does not contain acid, the image will not turn yellow even after a long time. An acid-free passe-partout can reduce the signs of aging. Therefore, acid-free paper is highly recommended; In fact, it is necessary for original and valuable photos. The high-quality passe-partout meets the high requirements and offers optimal protection for all photos or small works of art. If you frame fairly large photos, works of art or drawings with the right passe-partouts 30x60 cm, you can say that the photo "lives" with a passe-partout and the 30x60cm photo frame.

Different passe-partout colors

A passe-partout gives you the opportunity to create an interesting effect with a photo or drawing. Of course you can also use unusual passe-partouts to improve the image impression. The possibilities are endless. If you look in our online store, you can use all your creativity and experiment. Our passe-partouts are available in almost all colors. A passe-partout should focus on the image in the frame and always emphasize its effect without competing with the image itself. A light-colored passe-partout visually puts the image in the foreground, while a dark-colored passe-partout makes the image stand out and seems to place it in the background.