Anthracite Photo Frames

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Anthracite Photo Frames make your space attractive

Everyone wants to have something personal in their interior. Whether you like interior design and want a styled interior, or not. And what is more personal than your favorite photo or a poster framed in a beautiful, sleek anthracite photo frame?

With your own photo, every interior becomes special, no matter how ordinary or neutral it is. For example, think of a large portrait in your living room, a warm, beautiful family photo above your bed framed in a photo frame? Decorate your room with posters of your favorite movie or pop star framed in an anthracite photo frame.

Don't forget to frame your memory of a fantastic staff outing and hang it in your office. Every room comes alive with a unique photo. You personalize your interior with a photo framed in an anthracite photo frame that suits your taste.

An anthracite photo frame is always good

Matches almost any interior and gives your photos a chic look. Anthracite photo frames are perfect for photos with warm colors and give a luxurious look. Anthracite photo frames are slightly more subtle and go well with photos with cool tones.

The color of the name may sound more difficult than the color itself. The color is simply a certain gray color and is frequently used in interior design. It is a dark color that goes well with lighter colors such as silver gray or white.

Do you have a boring wall and you don't know how to give it a new look and feel? Combine different frames and create a photo wall. For a playful effect you can use different types of frames in multiple sizes. If you have a sleek and modern interior, use the same type of frame in one color. A black or anthracite photo frame is perfect for this.

Do you think a photo wall would be a nice idea but you don't know where to start? Then read our blog on how to make a photo wall. In this blog you will find more information on how best to approach it and we will give you tips with do-and-don'ts.

A beautiful anthracite photo frame for everyone offers elegant and timeless anthracite photo frames that fit perfectly into any modern interior. We have the right photo frame in the right dimensions for photos of any size. This also applies to larger photos. We have several standard frame sizes, from photo frames 18x24cm to photo frames 75x100cm, that can meet your needs.

You can also have your anthracite photo frame custom made. You can enter any desired size up to a maximum size of 80x100 cm. This way you will undoubtedly find the best solution for your space based on the available space and your expectations in terms of look & feel.

Precisely because anthracite is a shade of gray, it suits almost everyone's taste. Is another loved one's birthday coming up and you don't know a nice gift? Anthracite photo frames are certainly worth considering. Ideal for someone who is tough, but also for a person who has a chic and well-thought-out interior.

Make your gift more personal with a framed favorite poster in an anthracite photo frame.