Save your dried flowers in a photo frame

Save your dried flowers in a photo frame

Have you received a special bouquet and do you want to keep it forever? Of course that is possible. You can dry the flowers and store them in a photo frame. This way you can always enjoy this special bouquet.

You can also do this with your wedding bouquet, for example. This way you can continue to enjoy your special day. With dried flowers in a frame you can be sure that your room will get a lot more atmosphere. It's a simple way to turn your room into a real eye-catcher.

Photo frame dried flowers

Dried flowers in frames ensure that you can immortalize beautiful memories forever. In addition, it also looks very beautiful. It is a real eye-catcher for your home.

We have plenty of frames for dried flowers

There are several ways to make a photo frame with dried flowers. You can dry a bunch or a few flowers yourself in a press. Once these have dried properly, you can place them in a photo frame.

You also have the option to get already dried flowers. This way takes a lot less work and is done faster. In any case, it is a perfect way to add some atmosphere to your home.

We have several photo frames in which you can place dried flowers. Our Bordeaux and Evry photo frames are just not suitable here. The profile of this is too small for this. For the rest, it is very easy to find a list for dried flowers with us.

wooden photo frame

We have different sizes of photo frames. These are also available in different colors and materials. This way there is always a dried flower list for you. You just have to choose which color you want to go for. A black photo frame often makes the flowers really pop out of the photo frame. With an oak photo frame you may also get some of the colors of the flowers back. This often also creates a nice effect.

A photo frame with dried flowers works wonders in a home

Of course, everyone wants to make their house feel like a home. This can be quite a challenge. A photo frame of dried flowers can make this difference. In any case, it immediately gives a homely feeling. This way you can be sure that you have a real eye-catcher in your home.

Our photo frames are available in 55 different sizes. If your size is not listed, you can always make your own custom photo frame. Here you can indicate your own size, choose the photo frame, the glass and possibly a passe-partout. We will then get to work in our factory to make this photo frame.

It is often important when making photo frames of dried flowers to know in advance how you want the dried flowers to be arranged. Of course you can let your own creativity run wild.

photo frames

What you can also do to ensure that your dried flowers stay in place is to attach them to an insert. All you have to do is purchase an insert sheet and stick the flowers on it. This can be done in various ways.

For a dried flower frame you have come to the right place at We have plenty of photo frames for you to choose from. Don't wait any longer and take a look at our website!

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