Passe Partouts 55x55 cm

What is the best way to frame my photo?

Do you have a beautiful photo that deserves a very special frame? Then it is probably an idea to purchase a photo frame for your photo or image that is equipped with a 55x55 cm passe-partout. A passe-partout is a mostly cardboard frame that is located inside the photo frame. So you have a beautiful wooden, glossy, or plastic frame. Inside this frame is an extra cardboard border, which gives your photo or image the attention it deserves. With a passe-partout 55x55cm, your photo or image is placed centrally, so that all attention is focused on the work of art and that the complete framing gets a professional look.

Passe-partouts in all sizes

Even if you have a large image, there are photo frames and mats to match. For example, a passe-partout 55x55 cm is suitable for images of more than half a meter! A passe-partout 55x55 cm ensures that even your largest photos or other images get the attention they deserve!

Photo frames at

At you can find a photo frame for every photo or image that suits you. With us you can count on finding a frame that not only fits the size of your photo or image, but also a frame that fits the style and the feeling you want to convey with the photo or image. At you will always find the photo frame you are looking for!